My fee for photography is $125 per hour.  

For a group of 4-8 on the beach, 
this would normally be $60-80.  
For a group of 15-20, the fee would 
probably be $150, more or less. 

We will take many pictures in several 
poses and different settings, then post
them at this site under the Order Online 

You can peruse your pictures, suggest any 
editing (free), select between bw, sepia, or 
color, then order online and pay by credit 
card or paypal. Your pictures will be printed 
and mailed to you promptly.    

If you have any problems with your prints, 
they will be corrected and replaced or your 
money will be refunded,  The whole point of 
this process is for you to be happy with your 

Below are some of the most commonly 
ordered prints and their prices. Christmas 
cards are approximately $1 each, but come 
down based on quantity.  Many other items 
are available, email me  
or call 843 692 8066 for more details.  

Remember you're entitled to a 25% discount 
for orders placed before 30 days from posting.  

  (2)        Wallets                     $     5

   4x6                                            8

   5x7                                           12

   8x10                                         25

  11x14                                        75

  11x17                                        90

  13x19                                       115   
       canvas   210

  16x20                                       140                
       canvas   240

  20x24                                       160                         

  20x30                                       190           
        canvas  310

 Christmas Cards        (appr.)          $1                                       

 Low Resolution CD of purchased                                                                   25          
 Add a photo w/o purchase             10